SpiderPosts Privacy Policy

SpiderPosts Privacy Policy:

What Personal Data We Collect and Why?

You don’t need to disclose your identity browsing our website. We strongly suggest you do not specify your full name, address, social media accounts to the other users in the comments section.

Collected personal data:

Comments: username, e-mail, website (optional) – For Anti Spamming.

Embedded Data: Some of the articles may have embedded tweets, Instagram posts. This does not give us access to the account.We do not use that data to sell. The embedded data is 99.99% times our own. If it does not belong to us, we use it only for explaining the point in the article more thoroughly.

ContactForms: We have two contact forms excluding the comments section for the collaborators/writers. We do collect name, location, previous work experience along with the email of the writer for the guest blogging/hiring purpose.

Analytics: We use Google Analytics to track user behavior on the website. This third-party service provider may use cookies (see cookie policy) to track where you are from in the world and how you use our services. You can opt-out of Google Analytics tracking by installing the opt-out browser plugin by Google.

Adsense: We use Google Adsense for monetization of the website. Surprisingly, with the introduction of Adsense, our page views are doubled. The Adsense is a third party feature providing ads on the website and use the cookies you allowed to save on your device. The adsense use the cookies to provide ads based on your interest.

We neither do share personal information with third-parties nor store information.
We are not responsible for the republishing of the content found on this blog on other Web sites or media without Our permission. This SpiderPosts privacy policy is subject to change without notice.