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Hey, you love writing, right? Well, that’s why you are on this page of course! So, you already know who we are. Just read some things before filling the following form to JOIN OUR TEAM!

Few Things To Know Before Joining Our Team

  • We are currently unpaid team as of now. (As the site is in evolution phase)
  • Use Either Stock Photos or Take Your Own Pictures
  • Articles must be long enough and interesting to read
  • Previous Experience is a plus

Categories To Write In

As the site is in the evolution phase, we are planning to add more categories/ modify current categories. So, following is the list of categories in which you can write an article.

  1. Technology – Tutorials, AI, Networking, Gadgets, Cloud Computing
  2. How-To
  3. Entertainment – Gaming, Lifestyle, Movies, TV
  4. What Is
  5. Health – Fitness, Psychology
  6. Literature – Books, Blogging, Writing
  7. Sports
  8. World – Business, Politics, Trending, Inspiration
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