What is OpenCog?

What is OpenCog? Well, This project is a task that plans to fabricate an open-source man-made reasoning system also known as Artificial Intelligence (AI). OpenCog Prime is an engineering for OpenCog robot and virtual exemplified insight that characterizes an arrangement of interfacing segments intended to offer ascent to human-proportional counterfeit general knowledge (AGI) as an […]

What is Image Processing? explained everything!

Definition: Image processing is the method to run some algorithms on the images to get some information from that image or enhance the image. Reduction of noise, detection of edges of image, improving the contrast level can be done using this process. Beautification of your digital pictures is also an example of image processing. This term […]

What is AI?

For the most part of the evolution of computer science, there was less thought about whether machines will think like humans or not. The concept of AI came into the picture in the late 90s. The term AI or Artificial Intelligence relates the both machines and humans with each other. The agent or the system developed […]