Top 5 Trending Technologies to Master in 2021 [Technology Trends]

Top 5 Technology Trends in 2021

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Technology is evolving daily. To stay in the industry or to get into it, we need to keep learning. And to help you determine which technology you should focus on, we have created a list of the top 5 technology trends in 2021.

This doesn’t mean that these are the only technologies one should focus on, but are the best in terms of growth in the next year.

Top 5 Technology Trends in 2021

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is not the latest buzzword. It is in the trend for years and will continue to grow in the upcoming years. This technology is the future.

Quantum Computing is used in various fields. You know about the coronavirus already. There are multiple discussions and maybe trials of the use of quantum computers in the making of the vaccines. You will find tons of articles from the top sources on this matter.

This technology might be the hardest to learn among the list. You need the knowledge of Quantum mechanics, mathematics(mainly linear algebra, probability, etc).

Interesting Article from PIB India: DRDO Young Scientists Laboratory Develops Quantum based technology for Random Number Generation

Machine Learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The term AI or Artificial Intelligence relates the both machines and humans with each other. The agent or the system developed built using AI should act or think like human. In fact, the whole AI concept states that the machines working more like human or even better.

If you want to learn some basic terms about AI, you can read this article.

Machine Learning comes under Artificial Intelligence. It connects mathematical statistics and AI. This uses the procedure of self-learning and applying it in the future. 

To start learning machine learning, you don’t need serious mathematics, just discrete mathematics would be good. As you progress through ML, you will need to have good knowledge of Mathematics.

Cybersecurity in Cloud Computing (Cloud Security)

Top 5 Technology Trends in 2021

Approximately every business is shifting to the cloud. And Cloud security is the main concern for a few years.

If you read big tech sites daily, you might have seen some reports predicting the cyberattacks in the next year. In some fields, security is extremely important. Specially in Healthcare. You might not remember this incident so you can read it now: Ransomware And Death: A Patient Died After Hackers Attacked A Hospital

This is one of the most important field and if you are looking for a job in this field, some certifications might give you an edge.

Edge Computing

Top 5 Technology Trends in 2021

Cloud Computing has its benefits and issues. Edge Computing solves at least one of them which is connectivity issue. Edge Computing brings computing towards the data centers.

In Simple terms, the applications are centralized yet near to the user.

This article from CloudFlare will give you more information in easy-to-understand language.

Example: 5G


Top 5 Technology Trends in 2021

Blockchain has been in the picture for a long time now. Now as the cryptocurrencies are growing fast, many people are trying to understand the blockchain.

Blockchain can be explained in easy words as the chain of blocks which cannot be changed. You can only insert the data in the blockchain but not edit the blocks. That’s why it is secure. It cannot be controlled by anyone.

These were our top 5 best technology trends for 2021. Along with these, E-Sports, Wearables, IoT, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are also some extremely good trends to look for in 2021.

If you have any suggestions, do let us know in the comments.

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