Best Cybersecurity Practices To Protect Yourself and Your Data

Best Cybersecurity Practices

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As the world is still going through the pandemic, we have seen an increased amount of cyberattacks during this period. And that’s why we are sharing the best cybersecurity practices you can follow to avoid any cyber attacker to easily access to your data.

If you are a cybersecurity enthusiast, you might have known about various types of attacks. A small USB cable can steal your data. And that’s why cybersecurity is important not just for the companies but for the end-users.

Best Cybersecurity Practices To Protect Yourself and Your Data

Now, we will see a few things you can do to stay as safe as possible.

Using Complex and Unique Passwords

This is the most basic thing. You must use extremely complex password wherever you are login. Keep changing the password in weeks or months.

Suppose you have used the same password to login to multiple websites, and if one of the site/application has their data breached, then you are vulnerable. Because hackers might use that data on the other sites such as banking websites.

Backup Your Data

Whether you are an individual or a company, always back up your data. If you get attacked, you can resume your work more easily through backup and the loss of data for much time might affect your business.

Use of Multifactor Authentication

This is again, a basic measure. Whatever application has the multifactor Authentication mechanism, use it. If an attacker gets your password, he still won’t be able to login to your account as he/she doesn’t have the second/third/n’th factor of authentication.


If you are a startup, make sure that you are implementing the principle of least privilege. And keep an eye on the employees having high privileges.

Check and Update the third party access

Let’s say you are using Twitter. Now, to see who unfollowed you or blocked you, you have to use third party application. Suppose that application gets compromised, then there is a risk of losing you personal data. So, keep an eye on the accesses you have given to the third party.

Cybersecurity Training

If you are a company, make sure you are creating a cybersecurity program for the employees. If you are an individual, keep yourself updated through courses, blogs, YouTube videos.


Software must regularly updated to stay secure against the new cyber threats exploiting the old vulnerabilities.

So these were few best Cybersecurity Practices to protect yourself and your data. Read, share, add other measures by commenting below.

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