Linux is Secure (Maybe Not?) | Linux Version of Ransomware discovered

linux ransomware

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Researchers at Kaspersky have found the ransomware version specific for Linux systems.

We all have read multiple reports over the years about ransomware, and how it affected the Windows workstations and all. Now, contrary to what many people used to think (well most people actually), cybercriminals have their eyes on Linux users.

Week in week out, we hear one ransomware incident. Just the hackers’ group is different and the victim. But one thing remains constant, Windows.

RansomEXX is a known ransomware for some time. It has a version now that targets Linux based systems.

“RansomEXX is a highly targeted Trojan. Each sample of the malware contains a hardcoded name of the victim organization. Moreover, both the encrypted file extension and the email address for contacting the extortionists make use of the victim’s name.”, researchers wrote in a post.

RansomEXX is known for multiple attacks this year, most recently against Brazil’s court system.

Of course, Linux is secure than Windows in some prospects, but now it also faces ransomware as a threat.

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Source: Securelist

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