Survival of the Fittest ( Israel-Palestine Conflict)

Israel-Palestine Conflict

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Nitin is back with another interesting article, this time on the Israel-Palestine Conflict.

Survival of the Fittest ( Israel-Palestine Conflict)

Two wrongs don’t make one right and an eye for an eye makes the entire world blind, empathy holds the key for humans to prevent them from turning out to be animals. 

Jerusalem issue

Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are collectively called Abrahamic religions. Jerusalem has significant religious importance among all the before mentioned religions.

Islam faith followers believe that Prophet Muhammad went to heaven from Jerusalem and it is their 3rd holiest place after Mecca and Medina.

Christians have their love for this place as Jesus Christ got resurrection in Jerusalem (celebrated as Easter) after 2 days of his crucifixion (Good Friday). And Jews believe that their Messiah will take birth in Jerusalem.

Curse on Jews

Jews are generally workaholic and it is one of the reasons people used to feel jealous and had an inferiority complex since ancient times. Albert Einstein was a Jew.

Also, it is believed that Jews were involved in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Hence they have always been persecuted.

Israel-Palestine Conflict
Source: StudyIQ YouTube Channel
Israel-Palestine Conflict
Source: StudyIQ YouTube Channel

Pictures describe various time periods in history of Jewish persecution.

Even the flag of present-day Israel which has 6 point star is believed to have a meaning related to occultism.

World War I factor

During the late 1900s, nationalism was on a peak in Europe which led to the formation of many countries like Italy, etc. With this, the Zionist movement (demand to have a separate country for Jews) too got momentum.

World War I was fought during 1914-18 in which the Ottoman Empire and Germany were the major powers on the losing side. And the winning side like UK, France, etc. got control of the lands of the lost side.

Balfour Declaration was signed by the UK in 1918 which stated Jewish settlements will be allowed in Palestine land. Jews started migrating to Palestine in large numbers.

On the other hand, Palestine was promised to Arabs who were so far mistreated by the Ottoman Empire.

Haifa Day and India Factor

During World War-I the British were fighting against the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East Region. As India was a British colony that time British Indian Army traveled all across the world to fight for the British cause.

In the 1918 War was in its last phase, the British along with French were in dire need to get unprecedented access to the Mediterranean Sea. So cavalrymen(men who fight on horseback) of the Indian contingent were called in to fight in Haifa (a place in present-day Israel) against Ottoman Empire who were well equipped with Guns and Firepower.

Kingdoms of Hyderabad, Jodhpur, and Mysore sent their army. These cavalrymen fought valiantly with swords and spears and won the battle. It is considered as the last great cavalry campaign in history. In Israel history textbooks from classes 3 to 5 teach about the story of the liberation of Haifa by Indian soldiers. Haifa day is celebrated on 23rd September.

Israel-Palestine Conflict

The picture shows people of Haifa standing in awe while watching Indian Cavalrymen marching after victory.

India has a place in Delhi named Teen Murti Haifa Chowk to commemorate the soldiers.


Here PM Modi (India) and PM Netanyahu (Israel) can be seen paying homage to soldiers. Three statues represent 3 Cavalry from 3 Kingdoms.

World War-II and Nazi Germany

Germany has lost World War-I and the Treaty of Versailles was signed under the dictating terms of the UK and France along with heavy war reparations, this humiliated the Germans.

With the advent of Adolf Hitler in power and the rise of jingoism in Germany, another chapter was added in Jews persecution history infamously called “Jewish holocaust”. Nearly 6 million Jews were killed by Nazi Germany and various concentration camps were set up. 

World War II was fought during 1939-1945. By this time Israel-Palestine conflict has then become very complex and UK wasn’t able to handle it. Hence UNITED NATIONS (formed in 1945) was called upon.

In 1947, the UN passed a resolution on the Israel-Palestine conflict which stated equal division of Israel and Palestine Arab state. And Jerusalem was given international control. 


Series of wars and terrorism

  • Israel-Arab war 1948-49- Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Jordan attacked Israel because they were not satisfied with the UN decision. Israel won the war and rather extended its boundaries which now included Palestine land.
  • 6-day war in 1967- Egypt, Jordan, and Syria attacked Israel. Yet again Israel won and captured further more territories. And Palestine almost lost all its land.
  • Yom Kippur War in 1973- During the festival time of Jews, Egypt and Syria again attacked Israel but were defeated again. Later Camp David accord was signed in 1978 under which Sinai Peninsula was returned to Egypt and Egypt recognized Israel as a country.
  • As outright wars were no more an option to defeat Israel, foe countries of Israel started backing various terror outfits of Palestine like PLO (Palestine Liberation Organisation). 
  • 1st Intifida (uprising) 1987-1993 – Due to hegemony by Israel in Gaza Strip on Palestinians gave rise to extremist groups like Hamas.
  • Oslo Accord was signed in 1993. Palestine Govt. was given governance rights in Gaza and West bank.
  • Series of Rockets are being fired from Gaza and West Bank on a regular basis by HAMAS on Israel to date.
  • And nearly 5 million Palestine refugees are still at the Israel-Syria border desperate to come back to their homeland. But due to their own security reasons, Israel doesn’t allow it.
Israel-Palestine Conflict
Source :BBC
Israel-Palestine Conflict
Source: CNN 

Picture of Israeli and Palestinian Govt leaders mediated by Bill Clinton (US President) in 1993.

C:\Users\lenovo\Desktop\a.jpgSource: Middle East Monitor

Israel-Palestine Conflict

Present Day Israel

Recent developments

The United States of America under the presidency of Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and shifted their embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem.

This week UAE (United Arab Emirates) and Bahrain signed Abraham Accord Peace Agreement with Israel under the mediation of Donald Trump (US). This is a huge event and has created a major tectonic shift in the Middle-East region. 

Israel-Palestine Conflict

“If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more ‎violence. If the Jews put ‎down their weapons ‎today, there would be no ‎more Israel’‎”

Benjamin Netanyahu.

We hope this article helpful for you to understand what the Israel-Palestine Conflict is.

Source: StudyIQ YouTube Channel

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