Best Mental Health Blogs To Read During This Pandemic

best mental health blogs to read

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Mental Health Matters,” these words surface on twitter when any celebrity dies of suicide. But people still don’t take care of their mental health. And to help you with your mental health, we have brought you a list of the best mental health blogs to read.

If you are not comfortable sharing some stranger, the mental health problems you are facing, these blogs will help you tackle a few of the problems by yourself.

Best Mental Health Blogs To Read

  • Healthy Place
    • This blog covers every possible category of mental health. Apart from the articles, it also has numerous online psychological screening tests that help you track your progress.
  • MQ Mental Health
    • MQ, as they say, transforming mental health through research, has published their research projects along with the articles.
  • TalkSpace
    • This is one of the best mental health blogs and the reason is the presentation which will help you better.
  • Blurt
    • Mostly covers anxiety.
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
    • NAMI answers your every question and has actual stories of people.
  • Time To Change
    • Personal Experiences of people, so you might relate your story with those and can find the solution in no time.
  • Heads up Guys
    • Dedicated to men’s mental health.
  • The Mighty
    • The Mighty is like Instagram but contains non-image/video data as well. Great to look at what other people successfully went through mental health issues.
  • All Mad Here
    • Claire Eastham, the author of “We’re all mad here” runs this blog. Has a personal touch of her experiences, so you should give it a try.
  • Happiful
    • Happiful is a magazine dedicated to making the society happier. this should explain everything about the site, right?
  • r/mental health (Reddit)
    • No need to give you any description. Reddit! people will help you out and if you’re shy, just read what the people share, it will help you a lot!
  • Wing of Madness Depression Guide
    • As the name suggests, it has articles dedicated to depression.
  • Natasha Tracy
    • This is the website of a mental health speaker.
  • The Anxiety Guy
    • Articles mostly on Anxiety.
  • From Both Sides of the Couch | Psychology Today
    • Amazing website. You will find everything related to Psychology.

So, these are few Best Mental Health Blogs To Read according to us. Hope these helps you.

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