We’re Living Through Rather Strange Times

strange times

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We’re living through rather strange times. This is the longest I’ve stayed indoors with my family. This is also the longest I’ve gone without hugging them.

We’re living through rather strange times.
This is the most productive I’ve been at a stretch. This is also the longest I’ve done nothing at all.

We’re living through rather strange times.
This is the most “news” I’ve received per day, this last week. This “news” was also the largest pile of garbage I’ve encountered. There, I said it.

Hear me out. Am I here saying the demise (alleged mysterious circumstances being truthful or otherwise) of a beloved artist is not important? Most definitely NOT.

Have the “investigative journalism” and the not-so-subtle opportunism relating to the matter been vicious, vindictive, and shameful? Of course. Has such “reporting” long since crossed the line into active harassment? Without doubt.

You get the drift. It’s been exceptionally cringeworthy and increasingly nauseating, the whole affair. We’ve all heard the psychological experiment thought that goes along the lines of “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”.

This whole situation might actually be the inverse: “If a forest is in constant cacophony, will a falling tree be heard, even if it screams at the top of its lungs?

We as a country, as a society, are standing at the figurative edge of multiple cliffs. Arguably the worst of which is the mental health crisis we’re beginning to see around us.

As of mid-august, several independent agencies agreed that an estimated 18.9 million jobs had been lost since the first lockdown in March 2020. The exams, entrance, semester, professional, or any others, have always claimed the lives of students in India, even before the pandemic.

A lot of us have lost loved ones to the CoVID-19. The general anxiety and stress levels have been at a constant peak. The lack of hope surrounding us like a black fog is just that- scary, suffocating, and with no ending in sight.

I won’t even talk of the economy, or the slow death democracy is dying, or the gathering in Indore called by a sitting MP in Indore earlier this week, with complete disregard to social distancing norms.

If you’re anything like the rest of us, you know these things already, through the hilarious and highly creative memes. Says a lot about things if you’re getting news through memes. Just saying.

What is the point here, you ask? My agenda? There is none, I’m afraid. You see, I’m not a part of the media (sorry, I had to take one last shot at the disgrace that is our television news media).

All I’m saying is if the information era has brought us the 24*7 news channels, it has also provided us with independent and impartial sources of news that weren’t in existence a few years ago: blogs, news article websites, and even certain Instagram pages.

Your attention is what drives the algorithms to push towards you the content you see on whichever feed you scroll through. Your eyeballs and clicks are the currency that every single corporation deals in, almost without exception.

While the television seems like an outdated fear simulation straight out of my worst nightmares, the blogs and the articles and the more recent sources of news seem to be almost always “young and woke”, for the lack of a better description.

A little more sensitive to triggers and more inclusive, as opposed to the conventional news media, which seems to be focused on constant yelling and determinedly ploughing on at a 180o against science and logic.

All I’m saying is, put in the effort and seek out the logic instead of being blindly accepting of the “facts” that are yelled at your day in and day out. Trust me, it will pay off in terms of your mental wellbeing in general.

All I’m saying is, if people are getting pissed at your questions instead of answering them, it’s usually because there aren’t convincing answers.

All I’m saying is, use the Pre-frontal cortex that evolution has given us homo-sapiens (it’s a part of the brain that’s freaking amazing, just ask your medical friends after you’ve thanked them and appreciated them and expressed your love for being the superheroes they are).

All I’m saying is, we’re living through rather strange times.

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