How Machine Learning (ML) is Used in Cyber Security

machine learning in cyber security

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Let’s say you have an interest in both Machine Learning and Cyber Security. This article will help you understand and how both can work together.

According to a report, AI (Artificial intelligence) in Cyber Security might see an impressive 25.7% Compound Annual Growth Rate during 2020-2030.

This AI, along with human resources, is extremely necessary as the number of attacks are increasing day by day. A few weeks ago, multiple Twitter accounts were hacked, and the attackers used insiders as a threat.

Moreover, the number of ransomware attacks are also increased in an exponential manner in the past decade.

Isn’t it possible to reduce these using security methods? the question is correct but there’s a catch. Attackers use multiple methods simultaneously so the security engineers have to rely on machine learning scripts as humanly it might not be possible to detect multiple attacks once.

How Machine Learning (ML) is Used in Cyber Security

Using ML to detect Malicious Activity

Whenever you use any online service, you are doing an activity. Suppose you’re using online software, then you send and receive data packets. There are chances that someone’s messing with those data packets and the information might end up in the wrong hands.

As the number of users for that application is huge, machine learning scripts are been used to detect and prevent malicious activities.

Machine Learning Alongside Employees

The number of experts in Cyber Security is not enough. And suppose if the similar attack which happened before occurs again, then the security analyst has to look up into the database first then apply the preventive measure.

Machine Learning can do this task easier for the security engineer. It can automatically write these types of attacks to the database after detection. And then if the attack happens again, it will instantly predict the type using an algorithm and the database. This will help reduce the time and the impact.

Automating Repetitive Tasks

If this happens, do this. Well, if the machine learning model can do that for you, then why should you still do that manually. Firms use some algorithms to train the model so that it itself takes the decision to do the task.

If you are an ML newbie, let’s think it as a decision tree algorithm for your imagination, of course. Here, it recognizes the pattern of attack and acts accordingly. Not just an attack but in daily security work, it is useful.

Cheating in Games

While playing an online game, you somehow see some players using aimbots and other cheating related stuff. That usually used for cheating (obviously it’s a threat) but can be used for more dangerous things.

Machine learning is used to detect and stop these cheaters. There are always some ways they can avoid the detection, but machine learning does help.

To Help Employees

Employees can be an easy target for attackers for the success of their plan. Even unwillingly, the employee can become the reason of the cyber attack on the firm. It can be possible through malware or spam communications.

Machine Learning can detect and control the behavior of the employees such that the security can get improved.

While no machine learning algorithm is 100% accurate, the mixed of the Machine Learning in Cyber Security along with the human resources is the best solution and also the future.

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