What Will Be The Impact of Trump vs Biden [November 2020] on India?

Trump vs Biden

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In this article, Nitin is going to analyze the impact of Trump vs Biden (US Elections) on India.

“When America sneezes, the world catches a cold” was the phrase once quoted by a French Diplomat, it still holds true.

So far 2020 has been an eventful year for everyone across the globe. Although we are yet to witness a major geopolitical event i.e. US Presidential Elections in November 2020.

Apart from the pandemic US has been actively taking part in World Arena like a Gladiator as always. But for Indian minds they made us keep guessing to put our National interests under check. A quick look of a few events-

  • The US added fuel to the fire in US-Iran relations in January by killing Qasem Sullemani (Military Leader of Iranian Revolutionary Guards) in a drone attack which shook the world and global oil prices fell, this shows how Middle-East region politics plays a role that despite being under sanctions Iran’s events are leading to oil market crashes.  [India has its own interests and investments at in Iran, Chabahar Port to be more precise]
  • India received Apache attack helicopters and Chinook helicopters from the US which strengthened our Air Power. India has in recent times established a deep engagement with the US, it can certainly be understood with various pacts that have been signed like COMCASA, LEMOA, GSOMIA.
  • US withdrew from Open Sky Treaty which was signed during the Cold War era between US-USSR. After nearly 3 decades of USSR disintegration in 1991, the treaty doesn’t hold that stronghold. [Treaty was meant to keep both nations aware that neither is going to attack the other and both nations Spy Planes could go and checkout easily]. But now the US wants to include China and it will lead to the opening of Pandora Box as India too would be asked to join.

Trump vs Biden

In this election, the present President Donald Trump will contend against Joe Biden who has served as Vice-President under Barack Obama. US has 2 large parties–Republicans (Trump) and Democrats (Biden).

Election Manipulation

India’s belief says “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”- “The World is One Family”. But the outside world doesn’t work in this manner. And with time India has certainly realized that.

It is a well-known fact that many countries like Russia, China, and the US themselves use money and technology to manipulate elections. India has restrained itself from this practice so far.

Donald Trump has been very vocal about getting support in upcoming elections from Indian PM Narendra Modi. Last year’s Howdy Modi event in Houston, Texas can certainly be seen as an initial step of India’s election manipulation by using their Diaspora. Although the Indian Govt has remained silent over this matter.

And with Joe Biden announcing his Vice-President candidate as Kamala Harris (an Indian origin), it implies that India is now in good books of the US and plays a vital role in their politics.


India’s interests whether strategic or economic does align with US nowadays. Hence the upcoming Trump vs Biden (US elections) will be a huge event.

In the end, it can be summarised with a very famous quote by Henry Kissinger (Former US Secretary of State) – “there are no permanent friends or enemies only permanent interests”.

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