Top 5 Best Political Espionage Drama Series To Watch Right Now

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Political drama and spy series are always great options to binge-watch while we are in a Sherlock mood. Right? That’s why we’re bringing here a list of a few best political drama series for you.

5 Best Political Espionage Drama Series

Some of these are hugely popular so you might have already watched a few. Still, there are a few underrated shows mentioned below you can have a look at.


‘Fauda’ (an Arabic word for Riot or chaos), is an underrated Political Espionage Drama Series. This is an Israeli series where the lead character, Doron operates inside the Palestine region/territories is on the mission to take down the terrorists. The series depicts the human stories from both sides.

The series has made some controversies as the series is made in Israel, the Palestinian or other people questions the accuracy of the series. Still, as a neutral audience, the series is as good as you think.

The Americans

This series ended a couple of years back. Still, this series is one of the if not the best political drama series of all time. If we rank these shows, ‘The Americans’ will top the list.

The series revolves around the soviet spies operating in the United States. This has been represented in the cold war period. The spies’ own kids do not know if they are The Americans or not.


Winner of multiple Emmy Awards during its run, Homeland gathered an audience all around the world. The series revolves around a CIA operative who is convinced that a prisoner of a terrorist group is turned by the group and will attack his country.

This is one of those series which do not lose there quality over the time period. The show did run its last season in 2020.

The Family Man

The family man is an Indian series released in 2019. As the name suggests the series is about a common man who works for the national investigation agency.

The family man is an excellent representation of a common man working in a special cell and how he has to maintain his work-life balance. How Srikant Tiwari, ‘The family man’ keeps this balance, see it yourself on Amazon prime video.

The Spy

Another Israeli entry in the list. This is actually a mini series on Netflix. It is based on a true story about an Israeli spy who infiltrated the Syrian government in the 1960s.

This series is a must-watch for you if you are interested in the political Espionage series.

These are our Best Political Espionage Drama Series. Some notable additions are Special Ops, 24.

Let us know the additions to the list in the comments.

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