Is It Practical To Boycott Chinese Smartphones?

Is It Practical To Boycott Chinese Smartphones?

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Every day there’s something trending on social media. Now as the dispute between India and China happened this week, people are saying boycott Chinese products. But is it practical to boycott Chinese smartphones?

We are going to see this in details with all the aspects which are not covered by anyone.

I asked a few people the same question and here’s what they said.

First, we will see what the opinions said about the difficulty to stop using those phones and how it affects the economy.

There might be very few smartphones which don’t have Chinese components. Might even not a few. So let’s say people will start with the smartphone companies and will switch to the other brands.

There are plants of Chinese OEMs in India which gives jobs to thousands of Indians. So, the economic impact might be there on the jobs if we suddenly boycott the products and the production goes down.

So, unless we have alternatives, it will be difficult for the economy.

Now, few of the opinions were like this. What Mahatma Gandhi did with British cloths before independence was the same. And buy Indian products. It will be beneficial for the local economy.

Some said it will be an opportunity for non-Chinese smartphone manufacturers. With the increasing opposition to Chinese products, they can benefit if they grab the opportunity to take the market.

This will, of course, need improvements from their side as the average Indian consumer thinks about the pricing more than where the product is made.

Data security and privacy should be a major concern while purchasing any smartphone. From a decade, major Chinese smartphone makers have come under the radar for stealing the data.

There were some incidents where one or two OEMs were accused of storing the user’s data without permission. Some applications from China have been criticized for not taking any steps to stop the spread of fake news and unethical things. Even for accessing user data including the location.

There are some reasons people buy Chinese smartphones which includes the students who play games on smartphones. They want a good processor which other OEMs does not give. Few people can not afford to spend 20% or more for the same specifications from a non-Chinese OEM.

So it may not be completely practical to boycott Chinese smartphones until we have decent alternatives.

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