Internet is Dividing Us

Internet is Dividing Us

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A few years back, there were some articles on the effect of the internet on our lives. Those had titles as ‘is internet dividing us?’, ‘the adverse effects of the internet’. But now we all are sure that the internet is dividing us, rather it has divided us already.

You have definitely seen some outrageous trends on Twitter. If I have to specifically speak about my country, there are thousands of tweets thrashing either any person, any caste or any religion.

One such trending topic was ‘Tiktok vs YouTube’. Instead of using these platforms for creativity or knowledge or any other purpose, people are misusing the platforms in the name of entertainment.

One country is as good as its moral values. And we are losing the values. We are forgetting our culture. People who make the “content” do not think that there are mostly uneducated people who easily get influenced by that content.

Even educated people are not behind and easily believe false news.

The power of the internet can be used to educate people, entertain people, help them get out of mental illness and more like that. But no, we have to make our story true even if we ourselves know it is false.

There was story of a girl circulating some edited images of boys’ chatting. And our society always has time to judge but not to verify. This is not the internet is for.

Now coming towards that ‘Tiktok vs YouTube’ thing. Tiktok has failed to control the insensible content. Similarly YouTube as well. They remove videos once it causes controversy.

There should be some control on every platform. Internet is to help the people it cannot change them. The easy access to the internet has actually a curse as people are using it to spread false news and hate.

In short, internet is dividing us. [The technology is not, but the users]

People believe in WhatsApp forwards and make their opinion. They love to thrash someone just because he/she did not disclose whether he donated something or the amount he/she donated.

Internet is to connect with people, to share the knowledge, to entertain (without spreading hate or using cursing which creators unnecessarily think is necessary ), to help people in need.

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