COVID-19: Why We Should Not Care Who Donated What (India)

COVID-19 India

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There are more than 1600 cases of COVID-19 in India. Out of those 1600, 1455 are currently active. The whole country is under lockdown for 21 days (until the end of 14th April.)

The most important thing is to stay at home and stay clean. Instead of using the internet to stay informed about the official information and news about the COVID-19, people are bashing the people who have not yet donated or have not disclosed that they have.

While most of the world is using it to connect to the people affected by the virus directly or indirectly, some people are bashing the people who have not donated or have not disclosed the donation.

As the government requested people to help the people living on daily wages, most of us donated to the relief fund. Many poor people also donated which is an excellent thing.

COVID-19 India

What people should not do is that bashing anyone be it an actor/actress or a sportsperson. Even after donating the amount, just because people did not know that a particular sportsperson’s donation, they started bashing the person.

People should not cross the line while asking them to donate the money. Instead, they can focus on themselves can help the needy people in this pandemic.

Some websites have listed out who donated what amount. But it is an unnecessary thing to concentrate on. We are also wasting the bandwidth doing the idiotic arguments.

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While you are at your home, please do not forget what the government and the World Health Organization (WHO) have said. You can read about how India is trying to control COVID-19 and what should you do here.

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