MS Dhoni’s Leadership Lessons You Need In Your Business

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“Dhoni finishes off in style! A magnificent strike into the crowd! India lift the world cup after 28 years!”, Every cricket fan remembers these lines Ravi Shastri screamed on TV. MS Dhoni had just helped India won the Cricket World Cup.

Not only the world cup but most, rather all the trophies he won while he played for India. The major thing which helped India was Dhoni’s leadership.

Dhoni has proven his leadership qualities numerous times. How? Well, he’s the most successful cricket captain in history. He’s the only captain to win all the trophies.

Even in our life, we have to lead at some moment. Be it a school, college or even a business. What we need to have is leadership quality. And leaders are not born, they are made.

So, to help you become a leader, here are a few leadership lessons you can learn from MS Dhoni.

Leadership Lessons From MS Dhoni


Captain cool. Of course, you know this. Even in an intense period of the game, he remains patient and waits for the right opportunity to make any decision. He does enjoy the pressure it seems as his decisions are most of the times correct.

This is what you need to understand. To be a successful leader, you need to be calm in any situation. Don’t panic, be patient, take your time to make a decision.

Prepare People Under You To Become Next Big Thing

You might have seen this already written in “Jurgen Klopp’s Leadership lessons.” This common thing can only found in the proven leaders. Here’s how it is related to MS Dhoni.

Rohit Sharma, the record-breaker opening batsman of India was given multiple chances by MS Dhoni. Same goes with some other players. He has prepared some players to become successful. This skill itself sets him apart from the crowd.

You can apply this to your business. Do not think like why should I prepare someone if he’s/she’s going to leave and make it successful on their own. You want people working for you to become successful. This will help your business as well as your employees.

Share what you couldn’t and let them do it. Treat them as a family and they will work more willingly.

Handling Success And Failure

MS Dhoni has tested success much earlier in his career. Even if we consider his struggles early in his career, he had a good starting than many of the other players.

Dhoni handled it perfectly. He is still humble even after achieving success.

Throughout his career, he had some rough patches as well. He never blamed anyone for any type of failure. He just played his part, improved himself and his team and made the ship steady again and again.

In your business as well, you need to be like Dhoni. Whenever you have success, celebrate it but afterwards, turn towards business as usual.

Do not overenjoy any success.

In case of failure, find the reasons why you failed, what can be improved, and start working again. Feel the pain, but do not hold it for a long time.

Be Unconventional

Dhoni is unconventional. But this doesn’t mean he break rules. No, he doesn’t play textbook shots but he does play by the rules.

Similarly, in captaincy decisions, he takes some weird decisions at any point and those work for sure.

In your business, as the world is changing rapidly, you need to take some unconventional decisions without breaking the rules.

This will give you a leading edge over others and make your business a success. You just need to know when and how should you take any particular decision. For that, you should learn first by observing other leaders like Dhoni.

Being A Team Player and Belief in Team

“I would go to war with MS Dhoni by my side.” Gary Kirsten, one of the great cricketing coaches once said this. This quote explains most things. First, MS Dhoni is a team player. Second, he can change the game on his own.

Over the years, MS Dhoni has played a crucial part in winning the games. Not only he did excellent captaincy, but scored many runs and took great catches behind the wickets.

He always has had belief in his team and that made his players confident on the pitch. As a result, good performances by the team.

He never took credit for a win and always took the responsibility for a loss.

In business, you should guide your team continuously. You can work with the team as possible.

You must show your colleagues that you believe in them. Inspire them from time to time. Do show them where they went wrong without them feeling the end of the road.

Which of these leadership lessons is easy to apply in your life spiders? Let us know in the comments.

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