WhatsApp Limits The Video Status To 15 Seconds In India

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To reduce the strain on the servers, WhatsApp has decided to limit the video status updates to 15 seconds in India.

Due to the current lockdown situation, people are using social media in an extreme amount. This has risen the use of WhatsApp and it’s features like Text, image, and video status updates along with the video calls, texts, and voice calls.

While people use WhatsApp, they often post some unnecessary videos as a status consuming bandwidth. And at this time of the pandemic, it can be saved by limiting the videos and use for some important tasks.

That is why WhatsApp has decided to limit the videos you post as status updates to 15 seconds. The news comes from WABetaInfo (WhatsApp news website) Twitter account.

The restriction will be for a few days and it will be restored back to 30 seconds.

Not just WhatsApp, but Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, YouTube all have reduced the default quality of video streaming to save the bandwidth.

This step is to ensure less stress on the internet as millions of people are working from home during the lockdown.

” You can no longer send videos to WhatsApp Status if they are longer than 16 seconds: only videos having a duration of 15 seconds will be allowed. This is happening in India and it’s probably an initiative to reduce the traffic on the server infrastructures.” – WABetaInfo.

India has 400 million WhatsApp users. So limiting this would help to reduce the wastage of bandwidth by a margin. WhatsApp has seen a 40% rise in its use during the COVID-19 pandemic according to a study.

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