How To Stay Creative

How To Stay Creative

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Now as the whole world is a lockdown (well, most countries), we are working from home. And, you are already experiencing how hard it is to work from home. The first thing which comes to our mind is how to stay creative during this phase.

If you are a developer or have an online business or are a Youtuber, you need to be creative every day. Rather creativity is essential for everyone to stay in the changing world.

And now, we are going to see how you can stay creative every day.

How To Stay Creative

When you have to work away from your workplace, you might get bored. Especially if you are working from home as you have to manage both things.

Here is how you can manage, stay creative, and have fun staying home.

Be Curious

The first thing to stay creative is to be curious. Allow yourself to think ‘what if this happens?’, ‘why this happens?’ and similar kind of questions. You will find some excellent answers and with that some ideas to apply in your work.

Love What You Do

You have read do what you love multiple times, right? Now I’m telling you to love what you do. If you take interest in what you are doing then you will find some ways to make your work simple.


Write whatever comes to your mind. Most probably you will get some brilliant ideas in the morning. You can use a notepad app if not the pen and pad.

Read Books

This is what I am doing every morning. This will get you some ideas as well as you will have fun.

Listen To Some Music

To stay creative throughout the day, you need to be fresh. And what’s better for that than to listen to music?

Learn New Skill

Whenever you get free time from your work, you should learn a new skill. This will give your brain a time to think and you will start thinking creatively as you will solve some new problems while learning.

Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself of anything. Example: challenge yourself to do some task in 1 day. You will think creatively to complete the task in the decided time.


Meditation surely helps in any aspect. To stay creative as well, meditation will help you. Just for a few minutes is good enough. It will clear your mind to have more ideas.


If you are doing an open-source project or something not for your employer, then you can experiment and learn new problems. And creatively you can solve them.

Take Naps

Take some breaks in between your work and take naps.


Practice what you want to be expert in. Do the assignments of the new course. Think about what you can learn and start doing it.

What is your way to stay creative? Let us know in the comments.

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