Why You Should Have A YouTube Channel If You Are A Developer

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Are you a developer and still not have a YouTube channel? Well, you should. You might be thinking why should a developer have a YouTube channel? In this blog post, we are going to cover the pros and important things required.

Pros of Having A Developer YouTube Channel


One of the best things about being a developer is that you are always open to new things. And the channel does help you learn more and more things. Here’s how.

Suppose you are sharing your knowledge about ‘X’ topic. Now, someone comments “Please cover ‘Y’ Topic”. So, if you are expert in that topic you’ll still do research just because you want it perfect. And this way, you will learn something new.

If you don’t know the topic, you will eagerly learn it in no time. So, learning is the best thing you’ll be able to do with this.

Social Identity (Making New Friends In Same Field)

By sharing your knowledge and projects on YouTube, you will gain some followers and those will help you improve your social skills as well. There are some YouTubers who were not so good communicating or explaining something.

They are now extremely good in tolerating people as well. Suppose you are getting negative comments, it’ll help you in dealing with real-life people as well.

New Opportunities

Whether you are a freelance developer or not, having a YouTube channel will help you get new opportunities like projects. If you own a personal blog or any online business, YouTube channel always helps marketing it.

This will get you exposure to potential clients from all over the world. Not only this will get you more clients but also more value for your skills.

Your Developer YouTube Channel Will Get You A Job

Yes, you read that right. If you need a developer job, your YouTube channel might play a crucial role. More so, if you don’t hold a computer science degree.

You are a web developer and have completed some projects or you are a newbie in the field. You need exposure to finding new clients. YouTube will help you get those. And that’s why most of the Developer channels are of web developers.

Earn Side Income

Even if you have a job in a big company, you might love to have different income sources. Having a YouTube channel can be one good option.

Now let us have a look at the important things to consider before starting a YouTube channel.

Things To Consider Before Starting a YouTube Channel

To be a successful YouTuber, you need to have some patience. Rome was not built in one day. Also, you need to be consistent on this platform.

You need to give much of your time creating, editing, and uploading the videos. Also, for monetization, you need to build an audience first.

Also, you must be able to cope with all the negative comments and to be able to learn from them.

Have you started your Youtube channel yet, developers?

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