Obsessed Much? You Might Need Treatment!


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You might have seen movies like ‘Kabir Singh’ and ‘Arjun Reddy’. There’s nothing to learn from these movies rather just to see the most ignored thing in real life. Obsession or what you are obsessed with.

When we think about obsession, what comes to our mind is that it is the first step to success. To be honest, it can be but most of the times it might become a disorder.

You love someone; it differs from your obsession with someone.

Obsession is not only related to people. One can be obsessed with something to achieve. The important thing is how you control your obsession about something or someone.

While the movies or books or even someone’s quotes promote obsession as a positive thing, it is more harmful to one and the other person who the one is obsessed with.

In medical terms, obsession is called Obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD.

You will find what kind of Antidepressants to get from your doctor. But one thing you can do from your side is to mediate and keep your mind engaged in other stuff.

You might think that your obsession is harmful only to you. But that’s not the case. Suppose you are obsessed with some person. Obviously you might approach him/her first. Then if he/she says no and you continue trying then you must realize it’s taking a turn for obsession.

As the person is rejecting you, there must be at least a single reason. If you are unable to understand that and still trying to approach him/her then you might need treatment.

Same is the case for every type of obsession. Obsession of cleanliness, wine, food, perfection, and whatnot.

Obsessed? Is It A Disease?

If you are going through any of these mentioned types, consult with your doctor as an obsession can become a disease.

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