Divide and Conquer: Not Just In Programming Anymore!!!

divide and conquer

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You might wonder why this title, divide and conquer, not just in programming? What does it even mean? Let me start with what I did the last weekend.

In the weekend what would be better than to watch a movie in the theatre. And when you are an ardent fan of historical movies, then it will prove a golden weekend for you.

Yes, your guess is right, a movie which I watched was “Panipat”. Without wasting much time and elaborating the title of this article, it came to my notice while watching the movie this divide and rule policy had been in existence since the period of Marathas, Mughals and Afghans.

Afghanis played their trump card to divide other Hindu rulers against the Marathas which led to the defeat of the Marathas in the battle of Panipat. Although our rulers fought ferociously what could be done when our once called friends become our now called foes.

Divide and Conquer

At that time Afghans used that treacherous concept. Later on, the British adopted this divide and conquer policy and presently our politicians are following a similar trend.

Common folks are just like a puppet for these corrupt and unscrupulous politicians and our strings are at the end of their hands so that they can easily play with us and can convert us against one another on the basis of religion and casteism.

Focusing on the news which is currently in limelight, “Citizenship Amendment Bill” recently passed in the parliament and tremor it created in the country is unbearable.

Our Home Minister Mr Amit Shah clearly indicated in Rajya Sabha that the bill proposed is not against the Muslims or any other religious person who is the citizen of our country and they did not they need to feel unprotected but then also a feeling of rage and fear has been developed inside the citizens of our country.

I will tell you why because making the law is one and how the common folks interpret that law is another and this negativity had been smartly induced in their minds by some of the big names in Indian politics.

Most of them have their own planned scripts in their minds and playing their unholy games by corrupting the minds of the mob and leading them and the whole country in an utterly disastrous position. And wait story is not finished yet.

Part of M#dia

By adding salt in the recipe, media also is playing a crucial role in interpreting the laws in order to fulfil their greed. Since it is no more a hidden fact that media now days are biased so there is nothing to wonder about that.

Recent protests in West Bengal and Assam and the hooliganism portrayed there to bring a feeling of shame in our minds. What good cause can be achieved by burning tracks, looting trains, destroying public property and creating chaos all around, is a subject which goes above my head.

And recently the brutal act of Delhi cops on the students of Jamia Millia Islamia burst a feeling of empathy in my heart for those students. But then what can be expected from this country where these politicians followed the simple idiom of Hindi, “ Apna Ullu Seedha Karna” (fulling our own selfish motives).

The solution to these types of the chaotic situation lies within ourselves. In such times we all should remain united and develop trust among each other rather than burning the whole country. Hereby I put an end to this article by penning down the famous words of one great leader.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.

Martin Luther King Jr

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