Learnings From The Mistakes We Do In Our Early Twenties

learnings from mistakes

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When we get 20 years old, we think like we are now a responsible person. Now that we are doing our jobs or some might still learning in colleges, we assume that we are becoming perfect. But as they say, “Nobody’s Perfect.”

Whether you are 22 years old or 77 years old, you are assumed to make mistakes. But we learn some excellent things from our mistakes in the early twenties than later part of our life.

Here are some things I have learned in two years. You might relate to almost every single one.

Learnings From Mistakes

We Are Not As Great As We Think!

Let us assume you are an artist. You have opened a YouTube channel or writing a blog (just like this). Now you are getting some views. But this doesn’t mean you are a great (YouTuber/Blogger).

There are thousands of successful people in every field including yours. Learn from them. If you think you are great or awesome in your early professional life, you will sink yourself.

Love Is A Complex Thing

The most complicated yet simple thing in the world is love. I have seen my friends fall in love every month. That’s just attraction, which is a normal thing.

Most people will say that true love is like how you love your parents, siblings or even pets.

Be it in any form, a mutual understanding between two people is required in love. True love is when you understand what the person has in her/his mind without asking every time. In short, it’s more than just attraction.

Be with someone who makes you laugh, not with someone you have to make smile every day.

Nobody’s responsible for your happiness or unhappiness

Liverpool won Champions League for the 6th time. I was happy. But I still had a bad day, regardless. Every time Liverpool’s victory makes me happy but they are not responsible for my happiness.

It’s your perspective towards small things in your life is responsible for your happiness. Even if you get a good job, you might not be happy doing it.

One of my friends always complains about things around him. He never looks happy. And then there’s another friend who is happy even if her code compiles successfully.

This is how you are responsible for your happiness. Not me, not your spouse but you!

Stop wasting time! You already have little

While following your passion, don’t distract yourself from the unnecessary things. Now, as the competition in any field is at an extreme level than ever before, stop wasting your time.

Stick with your schedule. You should enjoy things but not when it’s time to work. If you have decided to do one thing at any particular time, then just do it at that time only. Otherwise, someone might do that before and your work won’t be of any use.

… The learning curve is never-ending

You are never early or late to start. And whenever you start, you need to learn. What about when you have years of experience?

Suppose you work in the IT industry. You are having some years of experience. But a new employee can do your work more effectively. Why? because he learned new things.

Whatever you are doing, you need to learn continuously. Even Bill Gates reads a lot. Even if you are an expert, you need to keep with the pace of updates.

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