Why You Should Not Help Your Colleagues

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You should not help your colleagues. Yes, this feels stupid but has a reason.

Every time someone’s struggling to do something, you go out and help him or her. But are they thankful for at least a moment? And even if they are, you must not help them just by seeing them struggle.

The reasons behind this are:

Productivity Can Decrease

You think you are helping another person so he or she can improve, but that help is temporary. There are negligible chances that the person would really learn from you.

Most people would just ask your help in any situation again and again. This will decrease his/her productivity as well as your will to help others.

What you can do is let him/her try numerous times. And then if you feel to help, you can ask him what you can do to help him.

Don’t just do his/her work but help him in the other way.

People Would Rely On You

If you help any person directly bu doing his work or some part of his work, he/she won’t be able to do that by himself/herself if the work comes again.

The person would call you again and ask for your help. This might become irritative for you. Another thing is that you won’t be able to give yourself all in your own work.

Remember, by helping others you are not becoming a leader. To become one, you can direct them towards their goal.

Hierarchy matters But Only A Little

You are a manager so it’s your job to manage the people working under you. We always read that to become a great boss, you need to help your team.

But to be specific, you need empathy. You need to guide your colleagues by suggesting appropriate solutions.

You can even help your boss by suggesting him/her buy yes it depends on his/her nature.

People May Not Want Your Help

Don’t help people unless they ask for it. You are friendly but the other person may not be. People like to mind their own business. So, let them ask for your help first.

Your unwanted help can decrease other’s confidence.

And if you are at the receiving side, always show gratitude to the helper.