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Look around you , there are plethora of people who are just working day and night for just meagre amount of money and to earn their living, further emphasizing on the word working , the work described above is not what they are doing in course of passion or interest but sadly in course of fear.

Sometimes it gives an ache in my heart when I see such situations that why we are constantly living under the pressure of people , parents, friends and most importantly of our own subconscious mind.

Why we are not evolving and developing the courage within ourselves to break the coop and spread our feathers to fly like a free bird.

We had break this barrier “why” in order to live our lives according to our set desires and our own goals rather than following the goals of our parents and people around us.

Going deep in the problem and analysing it, I came to know that the problem arises from the very beginning of childhood by sowing the seed in to the mind of infants of living a normal and conventional life and this seed was sown by his parents and society.

Children from small town or medium class families are taught to follow the trend , follow the line and don’t ever dare to think out of the box. This thought further works as the main ingredient of his/her unsuccessful life recipe.

Every child his special , carries his own identity and born with it’s innate natural talent. Parents and society should accept this. Sorry if I had gone too harsh but the truth is bitter to accept than to hear.

It gives me a nightmare of imagining myself working day and night in a pathetic job without any interest and that too for such a low salary which I myself ashamed of showing my payslip to anyone.

I am not saying that whole problem is with the thought process of parents, students from the beginning should take responsibility of his/her priceless life and should be capable of leading his life towards a definite goal.

Friends before giving a final dot to this article I plead to follow your passion seriously and don’t hesitate by just thinking that what would happen if I fail, because living in fear of the future failure is worst than facing the actual failure.

Author, Satyam Shukla works as a Systems Engineer.