Top 10 YouTube Channels To Learn Programming

YouTube Channels To Learn Programming

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Irrespective of who you are, a newbie programmer or an experienced one, you always want to learn something new. And of course, YouTube is a huge resource. To ease your searching, we have made a list of top 10 YouTube channels to learn ‘programming’.

There are numerous programmers sharing their knowledge on YouTube. And there are a few who are accused of plagiarism. So, this list will help you find the channels who are putting genuine content and are best in business.

Here, we are sharing the top channels with keeping in mind most of the technologies and/or development scenarios.

Top 10 YouTube Channels To Learn Programming

Android Developers

The official android developers channel has everything android. It has over 1465 videos and 806k subscribers.

Traversy Media

With over 899k subscribers, this is my personal favourite channel. There are over 749 videos which are mainly web development tutorials.

The New Boston

When you will see this channel, you will realise why it has over 2.3 million subscribers. Although there are no uploads in recent times, this channel is still extremely useful. This covers many topics including web development, python programming, network security, and a few more.

The Net Ninja

Another top channel with over352k subscribers and 1111 videos. Focused on web development. Great firebase tutorials.

The Coding Train

Machine Learning enthusiast? Watch the videos from The Coding Train. Apart from Andrew Ng’s course, these videos will be helpful for you.

Stefan Mischook

Another excellent channel for programmers. Tutorials mainly comprise web development and photoshop.


Extremely popular channel among the programmers. Reason? see it yourself. Well, the explanation is quite simple. You can find more than just ML and Javascript.

Quentin Watt Tutorials

Quentin Watt Tutorials is another useful channel.

Programming With Mosh

Excellent, excellent programming channel. From web development to programming channel this channel covers plenty of things.

Programming Knowledge

One of my favourite channels for many reasons. This channel has plenty of videos on numerous topics.

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