‘Pegasus’ Confirmed Our Data Is Not Secured (Even If It’s Encrypted!)


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You might have already read or watched the news regarding WhatsApp. If not, then read this carefully. WhatsApp admitted that several platform users were affected by the Israeli spyware called Pegasus.

Yes, In May WhatsApp stopped the cyber attack which used its video calling feature to deliver the ‘Pegasus‘ spyware.

Now as the firm has confirmed the number of users was monitored through the spyware.

If you want to know the technical things about the reliance on end-to-end encryption, this post which I read last year might help [iOS].

Allegedly 1400 users from around 20 countries were spied including 20+ from India. These include activists, lawyers, academics and journalists.

Now, How Pegasus Confirmed WhatsApp data is not secured?

WhatsApp messages are encrypted but not on the cloud. That means if you backup your messages on Google Drive, those are not encrypted. This is just one point.

Another thing is that spyware can bypass WhatsApp encryption [which Pegasus apparently did!] and read your messages.

To be as secure as possible(?!), always update your WhatsApp and mobile phone. Well, that’s what WhatsApp says.

Now what?

Facebook, who owns WhatsApp, is not new to the data breaching controversies.

WhatsApp has filed a lawsuit against the Israeli cyber intelligence company NSO Group and its parent company Q Cyber Technologies for over 75 thousand USD.

NSO has rejected Facebook’s allegations. And stated that their technology is not for use against human right activists and journalists.

What do you think about the whole thing? is internet not a safe place anymore? Can you suggest something?

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