Biased Commentary In Premier League?

Biased Commentary

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After almost every Premier League game, fans complain about the commentary. Not because of some’s low voice or boring commentary, but as they are biased towards specific players or teams.

After this game week, as the VAR is criticized (as like every week!), fans discussed the commentary levels on social media.

Most of the commentators are considered biased towards their team. But fans were specifically criticizing two pundits. Gary Neville and Martin Tyler.

While the discussion started after Liverpool and Tottenham’s match at Anfield, rival fans took part as well. Most of the fans agreed on one thing which might or might not.

Most of the fans said that Tyler and Neville don’t deliver a good commentary instead they praise only English players and criticize others.

Specifically, the fans claimed that both commentators have a soft corner for English players and they criticize others harshly.

What do you guys think? Who is the best pundit among all? Who you think is not one? Is there any biased commentary in Premier League, really? Let us know in the comments.

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