Voting And Maturity: More Teenagers Taking Interest In Politics But Do They Know Everything?

teenagers maturity

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In recent years, more and more teenagers are taking part in political debates. More so after 2014. Does this mean the legal age for voting should be brought down? Does this relate to the maturity of teenagers?

To be honest, I am writing this just because I read one blog post suggesting this thing.

If you are underage and think you should get a chance to vote, think twice. You might say age is not everything, but maturity comes with age. And even you won’t deny this.

The young generation is aware of many things but not the most. And you should understand most things in case you want to cast a vote.

Some might argue that the older generation does stick with one political party. Most of the times I have seen the young kids support any specific party by the social media influence.

I have some friends or siblings of friends under 21 and they get inspired because someone shares his/her feelings live on Radio/TV/Twitter.

Instead of using their minds, they easily get influenced by others’ mindful.

As you get aged, you gain some maturity. Yes, it varies from person to person. But, age is one important factor because you gain experience.

Another thing is the influence of social media. Political parties promote anything on social media and people blindly follow it. Even Quora is not the same anymore.

And therefore, the legal age for voting is correct as it is. As maturity in teenagers is slightly less.

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