Have Tech Reviewers Ruined Technology For Us?

tech reviewers

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Every week new devices are released in the market. Even before they are available to purchase, there are thousands of reviews available over the internet, mainly on YouTube. Instead of helping us chose the correct device, have tech reviewers ruined the technology for us? And how?

More YouTubers More Confusion

While we think it’s good to have multiple opinions before doing something, it can make you confuse while purchasing something new.

Now, a number of people are trying to become a YouTuber which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s not the best either.

Suppose you are planning to buy iPhone XR. You will search YouTube for reviews and will find 100 reviews. Except for a few channels, you will find some unnecessary reviews.

This thing is more irritating if you go for budget or midrange devices.

Almost every teen wants to make money online. And some of them choose YouTube as a platform but not what they are best at.

Biased Or Paid Reviews

There’s a thing called sponsored content. The newbie YouTubers many of the times do not read the privacy policy of YouTube seriously and fail to mention the content is sponsored.

While this may not a big deal for some but it affects the decision for many. I have seen tech reviewers bash or praise some device because it is from a particular brand.


Before buying a device if possible read user opinions or read reviews from reputed websites. There are some YouTubers who are best in business such as Marques Brownlee, Sammobile, GSMArena, AndroidAuthority, EverythingApplePro, and a few.

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