Unfortunately, Pseudo Feminism Won’t Stop Anytime Soon!

pseudo feminism

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You already know what Pseudo Feminism is. In case you don’t, you shall understand that as you read further. This article will mainly focus on the reasons Pseudo Feminism won’t stop for a few years [at least!].

What Is Feminism

According to Wikipedia, “Feminism is a range of social movements, political movements, and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve the political, economic, personal, and social equality of the sexes.”

In other words, Feminism is a term which speaks about equality among the human whether it’s male or female.

This is to assure that no person gets bad treatment irrespective of its gender. Exactly opposite is the thinking of pseudo feminists.

What Is Pseudo Feminism?

This term has become popular (unfortunately!) in recent years. The term relates to the people (mostly women) who think they are feminists but have completely different opinions that do not fit in the definition of feminism.

Are You A Pseudo Feminist?

If anything from the following list relates with you, friend you are a pseudo-feminist. The men who hate feminism are not pseudo feminists [maybe extremists].

  • They believe they have all the knowledge of feminism and disrespects any other person who disagrees.
  • They troll men for any reason and if men joke about them or about other women, they can’t control the anger.
  • Body shame men and women
  • Will say everything is men’s responsibility
  • They think rape and domestic abuse only happen to women.
  • They hate real feminists

Why Pseudo Feminism Is Here To Stay

The very first reason is celebrities. We cannot deny their influence on people.

There are thousands of celebrities who are hypocrites. They will say they care about women while mocking men.

Another reason is becoming too much attached to feminism. The thing is true feminism is to ensure all the women get equal rights as to the men. But It also states that no person should get bad treatment regardless of gender.

People think feminism is cool. And they show it way too much that they forget they are showing someone disrespects. [This doesn’t always happen.] People must understand that feminism is not cool, it is necessary. Don’t do it to look cool, just do it.

Until and unless old thinking doesn’t change, pseudo feminism is here to stay.

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