Useful Twitter Marketing Tips That Will Skyrocket Your Growth

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Whether you are a small company or an established giant, you need your presence known in the market. You can focus on single social media at the start, but you need to increase the reach as you go on. Instead of depending on one platform if you want to further expand, these useful Twitter marketing tips will help you.

Twitter is one of the largest social media networks where people instantly become friends. I became friends with various people around the world because we all love Liverpool FC. My point is, with just one tweet, you can connect with people all around the world.

But it’s difficult as it seems. And therefore you need these.

Useful Twitter Marketing Tips That Will Skyrocket Your Growth

Read every tip carefully. Maybe only one will be enough for you. Maybe you need all. Let us know which worked for you and what else you recommend.

Define Your Goal/Goals

First, pen your goals. Whatever your goals are every tip will work. But you will go in a proper direction instead of trying everything.

Decide if you want to increase your followers or bring instant traffic back to your website or even sell your products (Link to product). When you define your goals you get the results much quicker.

Your goals can be: Increase Brand Awareness, Site Traffic, Product Sales, Easy Customer Support (Beneficial to both the company and customer).

Choose Correct Handle, Correct Profile Picture, And Unique Header Image

Basic thing about your Twitter account is your Twitter handle. Just Look at our Twitter handle (It’s new). If you are a personal brand, keep your name as the handle, like @shubhamshrimant or @shubham_shrimant.

As you can see, we have chosen a handle reflecting our site name. If you click on the profile, you will see our brand icon. Also, the header image describes our vision in 4 words.

Optimize Your Bio

Sharing my personal profile. You can tell I’m a Liverpool Fan (Unbearable!) My bio says what I am and do. This helps me to get connected with fellow LFC fans. Even if this is an example of a personal account, this will work for your business account.

Just write your bio easier to understand. It must explain what you do.

Research Your Competition

The best thing before setting up your account is doing some research. Look what your competitors are doing on Twitter and learn from them. Do not copy them as everyone should have a unique style.

Now read this tweet. Simple yet has a decent number of retweets and maybe some link clicks. You can see the link description is different and the tweet text is different.

This is just one thing. You can see the account is verified. So, get your account verified as it will help people know you are genuine.

Use most of the allowed characters (280). Describe the thing in simple words.

Identify Your Target Audience

You need to understand your target audience in order to build new. See the hashtags trending and what people are sharing. If your product or blog is befitting with what’s trending, then share it at that time.

You can identify your audience using hashtags and geo-locations.

Create Great Content

One of the most basic and 100% useful twitter marketing tips. You can see the tweets embedded. Both contain a multimedia file. One is an image and other is video.

You need to create great content which should be unique. You can read Netflix India’s tweets for example. I’m not saying you become a troll, just make unique yet attractive content.

Use Hashtags

#Brexit. The word explains a lot. if your news is about Brexit, use this hashtag so you will get a larger audience.

While I’m suggesting to use hashtags, you need to control. Do not use more than 5. Ideally and statistically, only 2 are enough. More will get your content ignored.

Do not use irrelevant hashtags. Yes, people do that.

Be First And Regular

If you have news, make sure you are sharing it first. Don’t panic, you can share it as early as possible. And share your content more regularly than you are doing right now.

Tweet At Right Time

There is a right time for anything. After tweeting for a while, you will get to know at what day of the week, your tweets get noticed. Use this information to schedule your tweets.

You can find the average statistics anywhere over the internet. But for the first few tweets, do manual checking.

Engage With Your Audience

Reply to as many as possible. Retweet some tweets. You may even want to follow a few of your audience. What this will do is expand your reach.

Directly or indirectly, you need to reach to more people. And I’m sure that these Twitter Marketing Tips will be useful.

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