How to make money online| 11 Ways

make money online

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So have you stuck up in the daily routine life? Let’s make life more amazing by earning more money that also online with less but smart efforts. Here comes some interesting stuff through which you can earn or make money online in a smarter way.

Top 11 ways to make money online:

1. Create YouTube Videos :

This is the trending way to earn money online. Just you need to have the talent to showcase your skills effectively and make your audience happy. Whether it be singing songs, various dance forms, tutorials, artistic stuff, etc. This is the easiest and efficient way to earn money as well as getting popular in society.
It may take some time period to get popularized and earn the attention of the audience but once it’s done the views of the audience will soon turn into dollars. The average revenue per 1,000 views is just over $6.But once you have gained the attention and love from the audience those views will eventually increase.

2. Writing Blogs :

Blogging is not just for passing your time with your favorite passion for writing but it’s big business. You can earn $50,$100 or much more by writing blogs and contributing to the betterment.

3. Earn money with old magazines :

Wondering about what should be done with the old magazines which are already read and want to sell it and earn money. So the best way is to advertise it on eBay to earn few bucks per page.

4. Making Money from the survey :

This is another simpler way of earning money. You need to complete a survey based on an industry’s needs which can take up to 10-40 minutes.
All you need to do is just to answer the questions asked in the survey as per your opinion and give your feedback. That’s all. The average money you can make is about $1 to $30.It depends on the length of the survey as well as the voter’s country.

5. Writing Ebooks :

Interested in writing books? Great, it’s is all for you. In this, you just need to be an expert in sharing your advice and writing an ebook on your favorite topics.
Create it and earn money every time it has been sold out. You should be sure about the contents which are written in it and that the people will pay for it.

6. Artistic passion :

Passionate about making new arts. This is where you can expand your skills into a business. You just need to publicize it on social networking sites and expand your customers and then sell it to them.

7. Create an online course :

Are you filled with the skills of teaching? Then this is for you. You have been gone through various websites for online courses like Udacity, edX, etc..Yes, it’s the same like that.
This is also helpful for students who want to learn something beyond the curriculum. So, this is one of the best ways to help them with your knowledge. You will need to invest some of your time in planning the curriculum and record some videos for easy understanding.

8. Sharing your Amazon History :

If you’re a regular customer of the most famous shopping site Amazon, you can earn money each month by contributing to research for helping companies understand what are people actually interested in. This will not make you earn a large amount but you can start it as a side business which will gradually grow.

9. SEO :

This is one of the trending business online and if you have knowledge about SEO then it’s pretty sure you didn’t need to worry about earning money.
As there is a huge increase in industries nowadays, they spend a large amount every month on SEO so as to build their website and can get at the top of Google for their business terms. All you need to take a training course. Even if you have good knowledge about it there is no such need for training courses as well.

10. Google AdSense :

You need a website and some tricks to bring more traffic to your website so that you can earn more money from AdSense and other ad networks. This is one of the favorite techniques to earn money online.

11. Build an app :

Interested in building applications. Soon, turn it into a business. You just need to find proper solutions for the problems currently faced by companies or maybe in day-to-day life. Then you can either deploy it directly to the specified customer or upload it to play store. As more the downloads from play store more money, you can earn.

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