Buying a new smartphone? Read This Smartphone Guide First!

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You are a newbie (maybe not!) in the world of technology, and you will buy a new smartphone. For that, you must know some things before the actual purchase. We have brought you a perfect smartphone guide to help you decide without a headache.

A Perfect Smartphone Guide In 2019

So finally you’ve kicked your old smartphone. Great! But aren’t you confused now how to select a phone from tons of phones in the market and launching at least a couple every week? Yes?

So here are some things that might help you:

 What you really need?

yes, that’s the first thing you need to think of. Is it a camera? new OS? better screen? better gaming?

now look at the list:


 The common myth about the camera is that higher megapixels mean better shots. But that, not the case. Pixel 3 has a single 12.2-megapixel camera along with the LED flash. but it takes better shots than many 16MP sensors.

The Optical Image Stabilization makes photos much clear and reduces the effect caused by handshaking.

Triple cameras now also becoming common on mid-range handsets which is a good thing and consider while purchasing a phone if you’re particularly opting for a camera phone.

Some great camera phones are Pixel 3 XL, Huawei P30 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, Apple iPhone XS.


  Well most of you’ve already decided android, right? But the thing about updates can frustrate some. iOS updates mostly come at the same time for devices over the world.

Getting an older version android phone may be a deal-breaker for most of you. So, if possible, get the smartphone running on the latest version of Android/iOS.


Well, this may not be a must thing to look for, but don’t you think if you’re getting a phone it’ll be nice while looking and holding your phone every morning?

So if you think so then try to hold the phone in the retailer’s store and if that phone’s not available offline, try some friend’s same model. Otherwise, watch YouTube video or 360-degree photos.


The phone you will purchase should fit well in your hands. 5.5-5.9 inches phones are good to hold but nowadays over 6.2 inches smartphones are common in the market.

If you consider a larger phone you should consider at least 1080p+ resolution.

Also, if you’re a VR user consider the higher resolution. Higher the pixel, better the view in VR.

The Super AMOLED screen is better for multimedia and is power efficient but can be more saturated while IPS screen is okay though it provides natural color viewing.


 This thing is what you must care about. More battery means more gaming, more music, more YouTube, more social media and stuff like that.

The phones having battery capacity over 3500 mAh would last longer but it also relies on the processor use.

Having brightness full, Screen type also matters. Super AMOLED has less battery consumption than the IPS display because it doesn’t need an additional back-lit.


Well, nobody wants their phone to freeze or lag. Performance is the key to any phone’s commercial success.

The processors used in phones matters more than the amount of RAM you see on your specification chart. And one more thing that a higher number of cores doesn’t always mean better performance.

The benchmarks score and actual performance may vary. So if you can handle the phone in retailer store or some friend’s same phone, it would be nice.

The timely OTA updates improve the phone’s performance. And one more thing is that we say the phone is more value for money like that but may lag in performance in any small thing. So consider every aspect not only specifications.


 If you install a lot of games or multimedia on your devices then don’t consider 32gb or less storage.

Consider it only when you store your photos and videos in the cloud. Now, most entry-level and mid-rangers do come with 64 or even 128 GB storage options.

So a better move from manufacturers. Consider phones with dedicated micro SD slot if you need more storage.

Also, consider phone having at least basic sensors like light sensors.


USB-C port, wireless charging, modular phones and more.

So, What are you waiting for? Grab a new phone and let me know in comments if this smartphone guide was useful.

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