Why You Don’t Need To Be a College Dropout To Become Successful

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You are listening to XYZ podcast. That billionaire is telling you to drop out of college to achieve your dreams. But is it necessary to be a college dropout for success?

Perhaps some successful millionaires or billionaires are college dropouts. But not the most. If you think you will be the next Bill Gates if you drop out of college, you are wrong.

You can never become the next ‘XYZ’ but yourself regardless you are a college dropout. Now, let us see the reasons you need not be a college dropout even if your aim is a success.

You Don’t Need To Be a College Dropout To Achieve Success

Now, you may think even if I am ready to conquer the world, should I continue my college? The answer is in your head. If you have an idea which will help you make millions in no time (and you don’t love your college), drop out of your college.

There’s no ‘OR’ here. Either you have a plan in your mind which will not blow in its first year or you are not dropping out.

Do Not Drop Out And Use Your Parents Money

If you have rich parents, then you can use their money but only if you don’t have an option (mostly you shouldn’t). And if you don’t, then don’t take this step in 5 minutes.

If you do not have a defined perspective and you drop out, you will fail.

Buy an iPhone using your own money. If you don’t have money, do the job. If you have completed the education, you will get a decent job.

Do Not Try To Be A Dropout If You Think Success Is Possible In Days

If you think you will work for a few days and automatically you will receive tons of money. It’s not how the world works.

And if your thinking is like this, then you won’t be a successful entrepreneur.

Be Ready To Hustle

Sort out your things. Whether you are capable of side hustling or you will focus on your business 24X7. If you are dropping out, make sure you work over 70 hours per week.

If we consider statistics, over 90% of successful people around the world have completed their education. They are engineers, journalists, and more such.

The bottom line is, you can be a successful entrepreneur even if you complete your education.

The myth of dropout success is much more in this era because nobody will print the failures. You will only read the success stories of dropouts. But that doesn’t mean you should not.

You can be a dropout still successful if you are ready to give your all. But do not make your decision based on the stories of the minority.

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