Will Linking Your Driving License To Social Media End Online Harassment?

Online Harassment

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You may have seen people demand the linking of driver license with social media accounts. The demand is rising as the more and more incidents of online harassment are happening every day.

If you are a football fan, you may have witnessed the incidents happened after Paul Pogba missed one penalty for Manchester United.

Manchester United’s fans racially tweeted about the Pogba. Yes, their own fans. Here’s how Paul reacted.

Along with Pogba, his teammate Marcus Rashford and Chelsea’s Tammy Abraham were also targeted with the racial comments. Twitter says it will now meet Paul Pogba and kick the racism out of their platform.

Now, after these incidents, there were some tweets demanding Twitter and other social media sites to take some action.

Some of the Twitteratis are suggesting that all the social media platforms must make it mandatory to link the driving license to the accounts.

Will This End The Online Harassment Though?

Some people argue that more people now just abuse someone in the name of banter. And they claim that nobody understood their ‘Joke‘. And some are genuine.

But the number of genuine people is more and if the linking is done and someone reports the actual joke, then it’s not of any use.

Another thing is privacy. Privacy is the fundamental right of any person.

What would happen if this linking becomes real? Maybe there will be surveillance on every tweet or post you do.

Yes, the linking will be helpful to bring justice to the online harasser but still, it is not practical as of now.

If there is an alternative solution to stop online harassment, it’s the user control. If someone reports the tweet or post, the social media puts down that post or even suspend the account.

But if any tweet doesn’t get reported, it doesn’t happen. Also, the privacy policies of social media firms can be updated. For now, it’s still in the hands of users.

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