After The Fires In Greece And Amazon Rainforest, What’s Our Future?

greece fires

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You have seen the fires in Greece and Amazon Rainforest. And most of the articles and reports have covered everything. But how much it will affect our lives?

After the Amazon fires, news about the fires in Greece broke in. Thousands of tourists were evacuated due to Greece.

Have you wondered why the number of fires is increasing day by day?

Greece Fires Are Not Always Because of Nature

You may wonder why the fires in Greece are huge in numbers. The answer is people’s ignorance. Sure, there are numerous fires because of the rising temperature this summer.

But most of those are just because of people. So, the human is to blame for this type of disaster.

According to The Brussels Times, The Country is always on the danger (Fires occur regularly) because people ignore the safety rules. They throw cigarette butts on the ground or carelessly lights barbecues.

Now, understand one thing. Our smallest and negligible (we think so!) things may even destroy our environment.

What’s Our Future?

You have seen some movies like 2012. The end is near as shown in the movies. Not that near but we are already seeing some glimpses of our future.

Heatwaves are the most common examples to be given. Also, if you have seen the football jerseys or even common T-shirts are made out of ocean plastic.

Why this has become a business? Because we made it so. But it is a good thing that it’s useful. Now, if possible let’s reduce the use of plastic.

How the future will depend on how we behave in the present.

All Amazon rainforest fires were not naturally occurring. Most of them are by people.

If we stop doing this, the rate of global warming or climate change will reduce drastically. The future is in our hands. Let’s change it positively.

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