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If you are from the Indian subcontinent, 90% chances are you are a cricket fan. With other countries, you may only know cricket as an insect. There are roughly 0.8 Million searches on cricket news or information per month on Google.

But there are plenty of questions on sites like Quora as “is cricket is growing or dying?” And for every question, tons of answers written by the ‘fans‘.

Of course, there are some answers from the Americans and Europeans saying they don’t know what this sport is.

If you search online, you will find hundreds of articles exclaiming the game is becoming popular in other continents. But those are now old.

What about 2019?

Is Cricket Really Dying As They Say In The News?

Yes and No. Yes with regards to test cricket (with exception of the ashes) and no as overall. With the rise of the shorter format of cricket, the growth is reaching new slopes.

But the worrying sign is the decreasing number of test fans. Even One-Day internationals are becoming less popular. But the numbers will tell you different things because of the subcontinental effect.

Sure, the stadiums were packed in the World Cup, but if you watched the matches, you might have seen more than 90% of Indian fans only. And in other countries’ fixtures, there were some vacant seats.

Some might argue that other countries are now taking part. But the thing is most of the cricketers playing for the European/American countries are Asian migrants.

Cricket Rising? Really?

This doesn’t mean cricket is dying though. According to ESPNCricinfo, test cricket is dying at an extremely slow speed. But the Ashes is still exciting!

The rise of cricket is still slower than expected. But there are some positive things. Ireland and Afganistan now play test cricket. The team of Bangladesh is improving. Maybe it’s their best team to date.

There are some positive glimpses of West Indies team, and the winning the world cup may thrive the popularity of cricket in England.

If we have to summarize in one sentence, test cricket is falling at a negligible rate whereas T20 is becoming popular.

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