Top Documentaries On Netflix To Stream Right Now

Top Documentaries On Netflix

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Bored watching movies and series you might love some documentaries that might feed you worthy information that your friends don’t know. Read this list of top documentaries available right now on wide streaming platform Netflix.

Documentaries always add some unknown truths to your knowledge. Make sure you add these to your bucket list.

Top Documentaries On Netflix To Stream Right Now

● Hoop Dreams

Hoop dream is based on the life of two African-American boys who has a dream to become professional basketball players. International documentary association regarded hoop dreams as the greatest documentary made.

Hoop Dreams IMDB: 8.9

● The story of the film: An Odyssey

This documentary is based on the book story of the film launched in 2004. This documentary received a number of critiques reviews.

The story of the film: An Odyssey IMDB: 8.5


Blackfish is a documentary is based on the environmental issue. The documentary mainly focuses on the issue of captive killer whales. It should be must-watch on your list of you care about nature and animals.

Blackfish IMDB: 8.1

● Wild wild country

This is documentary is based on a controversial Indian guru who builds a perfect city but after that leads various unthinkable circumstances. An up-downs in the lives of the number of peoples.

Wild wild Country IMDB: 8.2

● Icarus

The filmmaker tries to uncover the truth on the doping tests that happen in sports. After meeting Russian scientists its total thriller. This documentary received the BAFTA award for best documentary.

Icarus IMDB: 7.9

● 20 from stardom

This documentary based on the life of background singers that work in shadow behind the successful figures. No one knows life and struggle in their life. Watch out to kill your curiosity.

20 from stardom IMDB: 7.4

● Amy

This oscar-winning documentary is based on the life of Amy Winehouse. She ended her artistic life in early age 27. Her depicting story is told by her family members.

Amy IMDB: 7.8

● The Pixar Story

As the name suggests it is a story of a pioneering animation studio Pixar. Movies like toy story and A bug of life that made this studio most consistent and successful animation studio in history.

● The Pixar Story IMDB: 7.8

● Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Story of a Master chef Jiro of age 85 years old tries to find perfection in his culinary life. But his brother is finding difficulty in putting steps on his father’s way.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi IMDB: 7.9

These are the top documentaries you can stream right now on Netflix. Let us know which you think is the best one.
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