Just Amazon Rainforest Is Not In Danger, We All Are!

Amazon Rainforest

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By the time you are reading this, you might know about the extreme fire in the Amazon Rainforest. It’s going on for over 2 weeks. And just now there’s some rain at the time of writing.

The thing is, every media portal is covering just the news and the politics behind this disaster. But what about the consequences? What about its effects on humanity?

Just a hashtag #PrayforAmazonas or #AmazonFires is not enough. Don’t say it’s not in our hands stopping this. We can at least ask the governments [Yes, government’S’] regarding this issue.

According to BBC, more than 2500 fires are active in the Amazon Rainforest.

People are blaming the government and the government is pointing out to the NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations). Even if you don’t live in Brazil, still you can not ignore this. Because:

Amazon Rainforest

  • Generates 20% of total oxygen on earth
  • It is referred to as the lungs of the earth or planet’s lungs
  • Its importance is vital in slowing down global warming

In 2019, there are at least 75000 fires occurred in the Amazon. 85% more than the previous year. And double than in 2013. This clearly indicates that not all of those fires are a natural disaster (which is common in Amazon in the dry season) rather most are caused because of the human.

As we said earlier, people are playing the blame-game. Activists are blaming the government and the president of Brazil, Mr. Jair Bolsonaro has said NGOs are doing this to damage the government’s image.

One thing is certain that the Brazilian government lacked the resources required to fight the fires.

How Bad Is It?

  • The smoke is spread beyond the Amazon Rainforest (up to Sao Paulo)
  • Emitting an excess amount of Carbon Monoxide
  • Other Countries are getting affected

What the governments from Brazil and other countries are doing?

  • Sanctuaries set up for the animals escaping the fires
  • Extra emergency workers from the Bolivian government
  • French President Mr. Emmanuel Macron has called this an International Crisis

How Can You Help?