Is Indian Football Really Improving Or It’s A Gimmick?

is indian football improving

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Every football fan has a dream. He/she wants his/her team to win the world cup. And if your team has played none world cup match, your dream is to see the team once in the football world cup. Now, as more and more people are watching them play, is Indian football really improving, or it’s just a gimmick?

Is Indian Football Improving?

Indian football team ranks at 103 in Fifa rankings and 158 in Elo rankings. Don’t let the rankings fool you. Those were better in 2018.

Yes, the number of audiences for this sport is improving. But what about the football team in India?

Indian football is improving but at a slow speed. The team needs a miracle to qualify for the world cup soon.

The current team can win against the opposition in the same range as the rankings. But they lack in every department as they play the better team.

What Can We Expect In Future?

There are some glimpses of positiveness in both the team and the fans. However, the team must show consistent performances. Sometimes the team relies too much on the captain, Sunil Chettri.

The change in the tactics may help with introducing the new coach in the summer. However, the success would come if it gives the roots a scope to grow.

The improvement can be seen, but it’s very slow.

Other than the team, the fans’ support is increasing. Those people who only supported Liverpool, Manchester United, and some clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, are now supporting Indian clubs and the National Team.

If this stays, the team will play their hearts out in every match. Also, the new generation would love to play football as they like cricket now.

So Indian football is improving, but it needs pace. With money, the support of people is what Indian football is missing, and that’s the reason you will watch India’s next match.

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