What Life Lessons I Have Learned In My 22 Years Of Life

Life Lessons

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Everyone lives his/her life uniquely. This is the reason I’m sharing my life lessons which I have learned in my 22 years of life.

If you are elder to me, chances are you already have learned these lessons but I want you to read on and guide me through comments.

And if you are younger or of my age, I’m sure you will learn at least a thing.

Even if I’m only 22 (Almost!), I have had some incredible experiences in life [and will have more]. Some were awesome, and some were gruesome. But the important things were the lessons learned.

I thought I’d share these with you.

What Life Lessons I Have Learned In My 22 Years Of Life

Happiness Comes From Within

Only do those things which make you happy. Not all the times it’s possible, but still, try. Happiness cannot be bought but we can earn it, by doing our favorite things.

Learn To Listen

This is one of the most important life lessons because I learned it in awkward situations. Listen before you speak. Listen before you write. And listen before you do. And don’t just listen to people, listen to your heart.


If you have time, read. If you don’t have time, take out some just for reading. Books teach you a lot. They take you in the 1600s, or at the places, you have not seen before. Here are the 100 Best Books To Read Before You Die

There Is No Shortcut For Hard Work

Sure, you can work smart. But as you go further and further, you will realize you must work more. Yes, working 16 hours and working smartly can be two different things. But, if you combine your smartness with the hard work, success [you have your own definition of success] will come to you in no time.

Be Confident And Thankful

Be confident in what you do otherwise nobody will give a shit about you. Remember your family is your biggest strength as well the weakness. So, be thankful to them you have this easier life. Also, you need more confidence explaining your plans to your family than to any other person.

Take Care Of Your Body

For anything, you need your body. And you need to keep it as healthy as possible. Your biggest wealth is happiness and health.

Nobody’s Perfect

Yes, you read that write. Nobody’s perfect and that’s why you shouldn’t try to be like someone. Of course, you must learn something from someone you admire. Just like I learn a lot from the videos and podcasts from Mr. Gary Vee. Don’t try to be next XYZ, be next [Your Name Here]!

These are some life lessons I have learned in my 22 years of life. Life will give more in the upcoming years. For now, these are the main.

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