Business and Friends: What Effect Friends Make On Your Business

business and friends

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Whether you are starting a new business or are a successful entrepreneur, one thing you have common with others is friends. Let’s get to the point directly. There is a fine relation between your friends and your business. And your friends do make some effect on your business.

Friends and Business: The Relation and Effect

Friends and business have two types of relationships. First, you already know. It’s the starting business with friends. There are tons of blogs already on this specific topic.

But the second type is covered by none. Or maybe a few. What kind of effect your friends make on your business. If they are not your partners, how come they affect your business? Let us see.

Friends Motivate You Or Demotivate You

It’s important in life you have friends. But it’s more important you must have the right kind of friends. If someone says it’s not in your hand choosing friends, that’s a BS.

Friendship doesn’t happen like love. Your heart does not pound seeing someone. You don’t think of approaching her/him to be your friend. Friendship happens if your thoughts are the same.

But this doesn’t mean you have to listen to everything your friends say. There are some friends which will demotivate you saying this is not you can do. Or You must not take a risk, you have got a job. Much like they say Harry Maguire is better than Virgil Van Dijk, but you won’t listen until you see them play. {Insert Football Here}

Let those stay “friends” and not friends!

The real friends will support you no matter what. They will let you take a risk but will warn you before. Even if you failed, they won’t say I warned you rather they will support you.

It’s completely on you to decide what decisions to make. It’s your business after all.

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