Top 8 Entrepreneur Movies You Have To Watch In Your Free Time

entrepreneur movies

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To fertilize your entrepreneurial mind you should always feed good material to your mind and there there is no other form than watching some movies based on the life of any entrepreneur.

We have listed out some movies that might be helpful to you to solve some dilemmas in your mind.

Best Entrepreneur Movies

● The Social Network
This movie is based on the life of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. This is movie is an amazing presentation of mark Zuckerberg’s early life.
IMDB: 7.7

● The Wolf of Wallstreet
This movie is based on the life story of a wealthy broker Jordan Belford who rise to rich lifestyle but wrong things, crime, corruption put him into the troubles.
IMDB: 8.2

● The founder
This is movies based on the worlds largest restaurant McDonald. The man behind the success of McDonald is Ray Kroc who turn two brothers eatery restaurant into the worlds largest food hub.
IMDB: 7.2

● Catch me if you can
The story if a man who dupe many people by fraud checks and earn million dollars through it. He is an artist who produces fake checks. After that, he is followed by an agent.
IMDB: 8.1

● The pursuit of happiness
Story of Chris Gardener who was leaving on the street with custody of his spn when his wife leaves him. Then he joins an unpaid internship in a firm. This is an amazing story every entrepreneur should watch.
IMDB: 8.0

● The Big Short
This is a story related to the economic crisis happened in 2008. Few investment bankers predict the collapse of the economy and earn money through it.
IMDB: 7.8

● There will be blood
This is a story if oil tycoon who has the desire to become the most powerful person in that field. For that, he does everything that is possible.
IMDB: 8.9

● Something Ventured
Story of a ventured capitalist who helps for the growth of a company. It is presented in the form of a documentary.
IMDB: 7.0

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