Top Netflix Series To Watch Right Now

top netflix series

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Netflix is the best platform available online to watch shows but they have created a lot of content which confuse the viewer.Too many series and shows available as options in front of you to kill your boredom but are you still in confused? Then you are at the right place we will give the top 9 Netflix series to reduce your efforts.

Top 9 Netflix TV Series Currently Streaming

Marvels The Punisher

After seeking revenge of his wife and children. Frank castle goes deeper into the crime world of new york. Then he knows the injustices to other families in the city.
IMDB: 8.6

Stranger things

Most entertaining Netflix show. After sudden disappearing of the boy, then his mother and police chief and friends confront supernatural forces to get him back.
IMDB: 8.8

Mind hunter

These take you back into mid the ’70 FBI agent takes interviews of serial killers in order to solve the cases.
IMDB: 8.5

End of the f***ing world

James and Alyssa are two main characters in the series both are young. James is a psychopath and Alyssa is a cool and moody girl. She takes James on her journey to find out her father.
IMDB: 8.1

Black mirror

This series has a lot of twists and turn. against the humanities good people with food intentions.
IMDB: 8.9

The sinner

A normal woman kills a man on the beach but she does not know the reason behind why she kills him. Then episodes revolve around in search of the reason behind it.
IMDB: 8.0


One of the most-watched Netflix show. A demon comes to live in lA and runs a bar, later on, he helps local police to solve a tricky mystery.
IMDB: 8.2

13 reasons why

It is a mind-blowing masterpiece by Netflix. Story of a girl who has killed herself and recorded her story in 13 audio cassettes which finally goes on the open reason behind her suicide.
IMDB: 7.9

When they see us

Netflix mini-series with based on a true story. The story in the ’90s was 5 young innocent accused of raping a jogger. These innocents fight for the conviction of being exonerated. The story ranges from 1990 to 2002.
IMDB: 9.0

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