How To Study Less And Still Become A Topper

how to study

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I know you study hard yet don’t get the satisfiable grades. Whereas, your friend doesn’t study longer than a night before the exam and still is a topper. Does this mean, you are dumb? Yes, you are! Why? let’s see why you’re dumb and how to study less and still be a topper!

You Search How To Study

The number one reason you are dumb is in your question. You searched how to study. What’s wrong in this? The thing which you had to search is wrong. You are studying fine. You don’t need any more help regarding the study. What does this mean?

You need to understand how to learn.

Your friend doesn’t search what brought you here. He/she searches the topics your syllabus has and read some blogs. He/she watch some videos on YouTube. Also, some courses available over the internet.

If not, he/she does skip some syllabus [engineer’s thing, right?] and focus on some topics but learn them thoroughly.

You Start Digging Well After You Get Thirsty

Just admit what I said. You start studying a few days before the exam. This will get you passing marks. But not more than that. (You may get more if you have Indian Education System)

Start now. And I mean learning. Even if you don’t like it, you will have a career mostly in it. So, you must start learning now.

Clear Doubts

Whenever you have some doubt in your mind, clear it. Search Quora, search StackOverflow or even SpiderPosts and clear the doubt at that moment only.

Do not skip it to the next day or even the next hour.

Take Care Of Your Body

Eat, sleep, learn, repeat. Take a good amount of sleep. Be healthy so that your mind will be fresh and you will remember more what you read.

Be productive, and you will succeed in any stage of your life and in any field.