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As a blogger, you can’t do all things yourself. I mean you can, but it does take time. Why don’t you just use some blogging tools? There are tons of tools for every piece of work you need.

From writing to marketing, we have brought you a list of 35 best useful blogging tools.

X Fantastic Blogging Tools

blogging tools

Blogging Topic Ideas Generating Tools

  • Quora
    • Quora is a Question-Answer forum website where people answer the questions they have expertise in.
  • Answer The Public
    • Answer The Public is the tool which generates the questions user are asking on search engines as well as on forums. You just have to put a keyword first.
  • Buzzsumo
    • On Buzzsumo, you will find the most shared content across the world. Enter any domain and find what people read most on that site. Or any keyword.
  • Blog Topic Generator
    • Blog Topic Generator by Hubspot will generate you 5 ideas for any keyword or 5 keywords for the free version. Unlock more in the paid version.
  • Google Trends
    • To view what’s trending on Google, use this tool. This will help you write an article on a trending topic.

Article Title

  • Headline Analyser
    • This blogging tool Scores your headline based on words length, powerfulness and meaning along with the headline’s uniqueness.
  • Portent’s Title Maker
    • Enter your subject and Portent’s Title maker tool will give you amazing titles in less than a second.
  • Upworthy Title Generator
    • Randomly generates headline ideas.

Content Access

  • Google Keep
    • You can share content with others on any device with the use of Google Keep. You will write something on your mobile when you can’t reach your computer. Then you can easily use that writing later.
  • Evernote
    • Somewhat similar to Google Keep with some additions. You can use hashtags to find the note later.

Proof-Reading Tools

  • Grammarly
    • The Grammarly app or tool is used to check and correct your grammar.
  • Hemingway App
    • Another tool which will help you improve your writing. It will show you your mistakes. Not only grammar but also readability.
  • ProWriting Aid
    • Similar to Grammarly.

SEO tools (On-Page/ Off-Page/ Keywords)

  • Yoast SEO Plugin
    • Everything you need for on-page SEO
  • Google Search Console
    • This will show you how your website is performing on Google. First of all, you must submit your website.
  • Bing Webmaster Tool
    • Similar to previous blogging tool.
  • Moz
    • Moz tool will rate your domain and by improving it, you will improve the whole website.
  • SEMRush
    • This blogging tool will give you a detailed analysis of any domain. So you can do competitor analysis or check your keywords which are ranking.
  • Google Analytics
    • This tool will help you write country-specific, age-specific, and gender-specific articles using the traffic analysis you get.

Marketing Tools

  • Buffer
    • Social media scheduler. Shares your articles at a specific time.
  • Click to Tweet
    • Creates click to tweet button. So if anyone wants to share something from your site, this tool will make it easy.
  • Convertkit
    • Converts your visitors into subscribers. You may offer a freebie and the user will download it leaving his e-mail address.
  • MailChimp
    • Similar to Convertkit
  • FeedBurner
    • Creates and shares RSS of your website.
  • Tailwind
    • Similar to Buffer

Images /Graphics Tools

  • Pixabay
    • Free Images! Royalty-free images you can use.
  • Pexels
    • Similar to Pexels
  • Canva
    • Helps you create unique graphics for Pinterest, Instagram, and more.
  • Pictochart
    • You can create beautiful infographics.
  • Stencil
    • Another tool to make your social media posts beautiful.
  • Vid to Gif
    • Makes gif from the video. Useful because the gif is extremely popular.


  • Google Adsense
    • For showing ads on your website.
  • Amazon Associates
    • Write about products and include a link. You will earn a commission for every purchase done using the link.
  • ShareASale
    • Similar to Amazon Associate

These are some tools to make your blog live easier. Let us know in the comments which you use.

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