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on-page ranking factors

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Working on your site and thinking about improving the rank of your site? So maximum viewers can visit your site? Then you must know the on-page factors that affect the ranking of the page.

Readout these factors in detail. These factors the ability to put the position of your page higher than others. So it depends on you how you optimize the key factors.

On-page Ranking Factors

Content of the page.

Content of the page is basic and important factors among the page ranking system. Your content must be the answer to what the user is searching. Good content with skilled SEO will help you rank high among others.
Content of the page is the reason by which the audience is attracted towards the site. So proper, related and easily understandable content will help you for the growth of your site.

Title of the page

The title tag of the page has important value after the good content of the page. Title tags are important because the title is the face of the content you have written. Even if you have excellent content but given title is suitable for that then viewers will not show up for your site.


With the help of smart SEO strategy, you can interlink the categories into the URL. Smart arranged URL is very important for your site. Good arranged URL is very important for the search engines to understand the relative content of your site and show it to viewers.

For example
The above URL indicates the proper flow of information included. Properly arranged information in the unique sequence is very important for the proper URL. You may want to include the date. Do what fits your blog best!

Backlinking is also one of the main on-page SEO ranking factors. Internal, as well as external linking, is also extremely important.

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