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  • Book: Not dead enough
  • Author: Peter James
  • Publisher: Pan Macmillan
  • ISBN: 978-0-330-44612-9
  • Page count: 610. (625 including a chapter of the next book in the series ‘Dead man’s footstep’.)

Not Dead Enough is the third book by Peter James in the series with main character detective superintendent Roy Grace. There have been a total of 14 books so far (book ‘Dead if you don’t’ has been released in May 2018) in this series.

Peter James starts the book ‘Not Dead Enough’ with the murder of Katie Bishop, who is found dead in a disturbing manner at her home in Brighton, which she shares with her husband.

Katie Bishop is wife to the wealthy and prestigious businessman Brian Bishop, who owns a house in London and does most of his business from there.

Brian Bishop is playing golf tournament following the morning of Katie’s murder when the officers bring him the news of his wife’s murder.

Brian Bishop claims to be having dinner in the restaurant in London on the night of Katie’s murder.

Detective Superintendent Grace suspects that Brian Bishop might have killed his wife and investigates with Brian as the prime suspect, in the investigation few things come out which make him more suspicious about Brian.

Brian Bishop is having an extramarital affair with Sophie Harrington who is a film production assistant.

There are few side plots which make things more interesting and make the reader unable to put down the book.

Some of them are, the relationship of Roy Grace with Mortuary assistant Cleo, Roy Grace getting a call from his friend about seeing Roy’s wife (who had left him nine years ago) in a restaurant in Munich.

Another subplot includes a local thug Skunk, who steals cars as per order. Skunk is later in the book to be used by police, in an attempt to catch a dealer.

I personally enjoyed Glenn Branson and his marital problem. This is the first book I came across which showed how police investigation really works.

Unlike other detective novels in which the main character is presented as a superhero who does all his work, Peter James keeps things realistic, there are meetings with all his team, work is assigned to different team members.

Another thing that I loved about this book is Peter James has also added police and media’s relation, their conflicts. This book is really nice and I recommend it to all the readers.

Peter James is an amazing writer and has written once again an amazing novel with an amazing story…… It is un-put-downable (If such word exists.).

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