What are backlinks? Why These are extremely important for your blog!

What are Backlinks

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Are you worried about increasing your website’s SEO score? Want your written content reach maximum viewers? Then you must know what backlinks are!

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are created when site A is linked to site B. This linking to an external website is called a backlink.

These links are important in deciding the popularity of your site. Backlinks have an impressive impact on your site SEO prominence. In short, backlinks are important for the growth of your site.

Suppose someone mentioned your site in his/her website and given a link. Or you guest post on websites (like SpiderPosts!) so you will get a link pointing back to your website.

Suppose site A sends a backlink to site B then it will be beneficial for both. The content of blogger on-site B will be posted on-site A. If site A gets popularity and get a number of viewers from that post then blogger of site B will get recognition.

Google page rank system considers backlink as a vote for site B. Site A is endorsing your content. Though Google’s algorithm changes from time to time, backlinking is still useful.

How to do link-building?

Backlinks are found critical in the success of the website. Another question may arise in your mind is how to build such strong links.

Following are some ways to build some backlinks.

  1. Guest blogging.
  2. Building a relationship with influencers.
  3. Link reclamation
  4. Research with insights.

The fundamental process of link building.

Process of link building is a hard task it is relatively easy but still, need some efforts to put in.

1. Create something good readable content.
2. Find someone who is interested in linking with you.
3. After finding someone, start creating backlinks by posting your content on someone else’s site.

Bad practices in backlinking may punish your site in respect of ranking of your site by Google. Backlinks are good for SEO then many bloggers started building fake links are getting punished by Google.

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