what is opencog

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What is OpenCog? Well, This project is a task that plans to fabricate an open-source man-made reasoning system also known as Artificial Intelligence (AI).

OpenCog Prime is an engineering for OpenCog robot and virtual exemplified insight that characterizes an arrangement of interfacing segments intended to offer ascent to human-proportional counterfeit general knowledge (AGI) as an emanant marvel of the entire system.

OpenCog Prime’s outline is essentially crafted by Ben Goertzel while the OpenCog structure is expected as a conventional structure for wide-based AGI look into.

Research using OpenCog has been distributed in diaries and introduced at meetings and workshops including the yearly Conference on Artificial General Intelligence.

This project is released under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License.

The project was initially founded on the release in 2008 of the source code of the exclusive “Novamente Cognition Engine” (NCE) of Novamente LLC. 

Continuous advancement of this project is upheld by the General Intelligence Research Institute (AGIRI), the Google Summer of Code venture, Hanson Robotics, Singularity net, and others.

With this technology, we are starting with a prime case of the best tech drift that is at the bleeding edge in 2018, man-made consciousness.

This open-source project has been outlined as engineering adapted towards virtual and robot abilities, planned to be a structure for wide-based research in Artificial general intelligence  (AGI).

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